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The Power of Paint
creating the ‘wow-factor' in your paintings!

with Carole Böggemann Peirson
April 10 - 17, 2019


In this workshop for beginning and intermediate painting students, we will study the elements of a painting that first captures the viewer's eye across the room and then keeps them fascinated again and again. What exactly gets their initial attention and how do you keep them lingering in the visual image? We will talk about the ‘story' of the painting, as well as techniques to tell that story most effectively. Subjects incorporated in the workshop are: composition & values (day 1), light & shadow (day 2), color (day 3), brushwork & finishing touches (day 4).

The workshop is designed for students working in oils, but can be open to those who have experience with working in acrylics. The workshop will include demonstrations, PowerPoint presentations, hand-outs as well as lots of personal attention. Students are encouraged to work from real life, but photos may be used as well. Going home with a finished ‘master piece' is very well achievable, but should not be the goal of participating in this workshop. The goal is to get a better understanding of how to create a successful painting and how to communicate more effectively as a painter.

While you're busy creating art and exploring, your friendly hosts at Casa Buena will ensure that your stay is memorable. Outstanding accommodations, food, and field trips will satisfy your desire for both comfort and adventure.

Workshop Instructor


Full-time artist Carole Böggemann Peirson was born and raised in the Netherlands. Carole went to a technical college for Graphic Design and received a Bachelor's degree in Marketing & Communication. An internship abroad was part of the last college and this brought her to the United States for the first time in 1995. Love made her come back many more times after that and she moved overseas permanently in 2000. She now has a home-based studio on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Carole has been painting for close to 20 years and has been a professional artist since 2006. She has taken many classes and workshops with well-known artists and has been teaching weekly classes, workshops and private lessons herself since 2004. She paints plein air (on location) as well as in her studio and sells her work through art shows, galleries as well as through her own studio/gallery in Virginia, USA. She enjoys passing on the excitement of working in oils to her students and tries to lift their work to the next level by providing lots of information and encouragement.

Carole participate in the national Plein Air Easton competition in 2013 and received numerous awards in shows and events such as Local Color in Easton, Paint Snow Hill and Paint Solomons in Maryland as well as in other local painting events in Virginia.


“I feel I'm on an artistic journey to reach the best technical level I can reach as a painter, as well as to be a powerful visual story teller…the story of all the beauty I see around me in nature. Painting usually starts out as a technical exercise, but ends up being a spiritual experience I wish everyone could have. I hope I can touch someone because they recognize the same beauty in a familiar scene.”

Carole 's Artwork

Across the Creek, oil 12 x 24

Pretty in Pink
oil, 12” x 9 "
Sunkissed Roof
oil, 12 ” x 12 ”

oil, 20” x 20 "

Tentative Itinerary

Arriving to Puerto Vallarta Airport
Taking taxi to your hotel,
Meeting at the hotel Lobby at 5:30
for Art Gallery walk

8am - 9am Continental breakfast at the hotel

2 hour scenic drive North to Los Cocos, Nayarit,
where Casa Buena is located.
Stopping at La Panita Art Market
and Lunch on the Beach

Settling in at Casa Buena, setting up your work space

Demo evening with Carole


7am 30 min Yoga (optional)
8am - 9am Breakfast
9:30am - 4pm workshop
Art discussions or movie in the Casa

Early start at 6:30, light breakfast,
7am - 9am organized tour to the Jungle

Exploring Old Fort and shopping at San Blas,

Lunch at the beach
relax for the rest of the day
return to you studio to paint

Dinner at local Mexican restaurant

7am 30 min Meditation (optional)
8am - 9am Breakfast
9:30am - 4pm workshop
Happy hour, critique

7am 30 min Meditation (optional)
8am - 9am Breakfast
9:0am - 4pm workshop
Happy hour, siesta
Movie night

7am 30 min Yoga (optional)
8am - 9am Breakfast
9:30am-4pm workshop:
Happy hour, siesta, free time
Art Show and Tell

8am - 9am Breakfast
Transport to PV Airport

Art Supplies for the Workshop

Please see art supplies list recommended by the Instructor below. Artist quality acrylic and oil paints, boards to tape your canvas sheets to, solvents, brush cleaners and rugs are included in your fee. We also have a few old easels to use (please contact Casa Buena for availability). Please bring your favorite brushes, canvases, pallets, easels and whatever else you need.

Click here to see supply list

Workshop Fee

Cost: $1600.00 USD + 5% tax includes
accommodations, studio space, all meals, field trips,
most art supplies, instructions,
plus a night in Puerto Vallarta
transport from and to Puerto Vallarta.

SPOUSES or NON PAINTING FRIENDS are welcome for $1000.00 USD plus GST (5%)

Early Bird Promotion:
1. Rooms assigned on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis
2. Sign up before December 15, 2018 and we will take care of GST ( 5%)


Please contact Carole about the payment
cpeirson@earthlink.net or 1.757.678.3340

Cancellation Policy

A. If your workshop is cancelled due to Instructor's unavailability, you will be notified immediately and you will receive a full refund.

B. If you can't attend your retreat and notify us 45 days prior to the retreat, you are welcome to transfer 100% of your full payment to another Casa Buena Art Retreat within 2 years of the date of cancellation. You can transfer your payment to another person or any other options that Casa Buena has to offer.

C. If you can't attend your retreat and notify us 30 days prior to the retreat, you are welcome to transfer 70% of your full payment to another Casa Buena Art Retreat within 2 years of the date of cancellation.

D. If you can't attend your retreat and notify us 14 days or less prior to the retreat, Casa Buena Art Retreat will not issue any refunds or transfers to other session. Your only choice is to transfer your payment to another person.


Los Cocos, Nayarit, Mexico email: janerom@shaw.ca

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