Casa Buena Art Retreat


The Picture Book Story of Casa Buena Art Retreat
Mexico, Riviera Nayarit, between Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan

  Casa Buena Art Retreat between Puerto Vallarta
Casa Buena rests between the tranquil villages of Aticama and Santa Cruz, and is a scenic, twenty minute drive from historic
San Blas, Nayaryt. The back country in which we live hosts a deep creativity and unhindered beauty.
We are surrounded by luscious mango and banana plantations. The air is sweet and dappled with salt from the sea.


Birds, gardens, wind chimes and fountains sing to you with spiritual beauty from every avenue of Casa Buena

  Our hacienda style terrace is a perfect place to retreat, relax and be surrounded in tranquility.


World traveler and professional photographer Dallas is responsible for beautiful gardens around the house and all the "behind the scenes" operations that make our retreats run smooth. A resident of this Mexican coast for nearly 30 years, his love for this land and sacred space are astonishingly clear!
Jane is your gracious hostess. A working artist, college art instructor, retreat coordinator and a guide to the magical places near by, she serves this seaside paradise with the colours of her Spirit’s palette. Casa Buena’s smallest and greatest treasures are here, vibrating with life because of her love for Beauty.
The charming terrace wraps around Casa Buena, offering a view of the rich gardens and sparkling ocean.
It invites you to come for yoga, dancing, painting and personal meditation of all forms.
Out brand new pool inauguration Our hacienda outdoor studio

Stretch out or have a nap in rainbow hammocks which are
plentiful at Casa Buena
Dining and living rooms are specious and colourful
Sit inside and enjoy the coolness on a hot day
The second story of Casa Buena has pleasant sleeping chambers kept fresh and cool with giant windows which lend natural light to our fabulous studio space.
This is where most of our workshops unfold.
Studio space inside Painting around Casa Buena
Your bedroom offers mood lifting colours and story rich
Spacious bathrooms with a hot and cold water
are uniquely decorated with custom mosaics
With three fully functioning kitchens, you can create dazzling .
meals with us or on your own
Our healthy food is deliciously prepared with fresh ingredients
and always made from scratch
The surrounding farms and villages as well as local friends, provide us daily with organic fruits, vegetables & eggs as well as homemade breads and tortillas. When you are here, you are our family.
Our neighbours’ smiles and acts of love encourage community building activities everyone benefits from.
Just watch! Walking through plazas, beaches and front yards, new friendships shall surprise you.

Our own home grown Yin/Yang Ebony and Ivory
Abundance of shapes, colours and textures...a painting waits everywhere you look!

Lush colour splashes of vibrant bougainvilleas


Historical Port town of San Blas is only 20 min away.

There you can meet Huichol Indians who come from Sierra Madre Mountains with their bright beautiful artifacts, honouring the sacred tradition of storytelling through their art. You can buy them at the local market.
The local markets unveil a variety of surprises.
Amaranth Rose, a delightful local artist, offers handmade hats of a vibrant, recycled plastic at Aticama’s Market every Sunday morning.
And if you happen to be in the right place at the right time...
you see the most beautiful people in the most colourful outfits
Buy fresh seafood at Miramar, a nearby fishing village.
Miramar laundromat?
Muchachas getting ready for a village parade
Village La Bajada, the magical and authentic place in the mountains is only a 10 min drive from Casa Buena
Colours,Colours, Colours..
At the gas station San Blas Plaza
Magnificent unspoiled beaches are only minutes of walking.  

At the mouth of the sea, lies the old marina of San Blas, always a good subject to paint or photograph.
Reflections caught in the sun can draw
you further than it seems.
"La Tovarra" is an indian word for sweet water; the 8 mile round trip to the Jungle on a motor boat will take you trough an exotic tunnel of overhanging mangrove branches, where iguanas and tropical birds take refuge. The complete tour takes you to the wildlife refuge and crocodile breeding center.

Los Cocos, Nayarit, Mexico between Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan

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