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Retreat Schedule for 2017-18

Please join us in the charming Mexican back country unspoiled by mass tourism,
The settings offer a true adventure and unique opportunity to have fun
while learning from the experts.

Please read below about details of upcoming workshops.
Make sure you browse our About and Gallery page to learn about our facility,
magnificent jungle settings, surrounding villages and their people,
flora and fauna and much more.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email Jane and Dallas at janerom@shaw.ca

March 22 - March 29, 2017
January 17 - 24, 2018

Powerful Painting

with Bobbi Dunlop

A painting magically reaches out and pulls you across the room for a closer look.

How or why does that happen?

It's often a simple subject, yet a painting can be so captivating, it just doesn't let go … mysteriously drawing you to look closer.

This 4-Day workshop will touch on all the
Simple Ideas” that Bobbi emphasizes throughout her teaching: “ logical ideas ” … the nuts and bolts necessary to build a strong, beautiful painting. Ideas that help take the mystery out of painting and add the magic you are seeking.

You'll learn how the “Still-Life” – “Figure” – “Landscape” are merely the vehicles in which to explore all the wondrous ‘ possibilities ' in paint!

Simple! Is the operative word for Bobbi's workshops – and each workshop builds on the other through this theme.
Using our chosen subject, we will stay true to the simple fundamentals, SHAPE, VALUE, EDGES and COLOR, as we begin to understand – and solve – the challenges associated with building a strong painting.

Reducing ideas and problems into their simplest forms , you will learn to visualize and develop your ideas and discover the joy in making brush marks!

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 January 18 - 25, 2017
AND March 1 - 8, 2017
Zen of Painting

stay, play, paint

Jane Romanishko

You are invited to join us for a week of fun, easy going retreat where you can relax, unwind, let go all your fears & blocks, and reconnect with your inner playful essence.Don't worry if you can't paint or draw. This course is not about your skills, it is about getting your mind out of the way and let your heart lead your hand. We wont take ourselves so seriously, but instead we'll loosen up and explore playful techniques with ink, watercolour and lots of other fun things. Zen painting is free, effortless, natural painting. And you know, good things come to those who takes it easy...You will learn about Japanese ink painting and calligraphy brushstrokes, free and beautiful watercolour washes, alcohol Ink magic, basic on creating personal mandala and much more.

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 January 25 - February 1, 2017
Intense Drawing

Seeing with pencil

Alexandra Rozenman

Join me for a journey through a complete spectrum of traditional and non-traditional rendering techniques, building and honing specific drawing skills that can be applied to a lasting personal drawing practice.

The week begins with rigorous exercises where we learn to see and think together, advances to drawing from life, moves on to perspective and the landscape, and finishes with individualized projects.

Through a variety of media and techniques, we focus on building a skill set from one exercise to the next. We emphasize the practice of observation, experimentation, mark making, and the ability to critically discuss the work that we create.

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February 8 - 15, 2017
Drawing and Painting
The Figure

Hermann Brandt

Immerse yourself in 4 days of drawing and painting the human form from life.

Learn to use measurement and points of reference to create likeness - and line variance to express gesture and mood.

You will experiment with dry mediums like graphite, charcoal, pastel and chalk pencil on paper as well as oil or acrylic sketches on canvas or panel.

A lot of emphasis will be given to drawing and painting accurately.

Each day will focus on a different medium, setting and aspect of the figure - this will include the clothed and unclothed model, hands, feet and portrait.

Come away with a pile of drawings and a much more intimate understanding of the human body

All levels welcome.

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February 15 - 22, 2017
Plein Air Paint in Authentic Mexican outdoors 

Imagine swapping a week of February chilliness for a week of outdoor painting in Mexico!

Plein air painting is as old as creative expression itself and can be as rewarding as it is challenging.

This will be as much a painting workshop as a creative retreat. Open to all levels, we will focus on composition and design, color, temperature and value among other things, as well as best practices for outdoor painting.

Subject matter is as varied as the culture itself - landscape, seascape, village life and more…

I am excited to share this experience with fellow creative adventurers!


March 1 - 8, 2017
Capturing Personality in Portrait

Jane Romanishko

There is nothing more challenging and fascinating then painting a portrait of another human being...
and there is nothing more satisfying when you succeed in doing that!

In this easy going and very informative workshop you will learn all the steps and techniques of painting a character portrait from photos and from a life model.

Demos will be done in pastel and oil, but acrylic painters are welcome as well


November 22 - 28, 2017
Alla Prima:
Drawing with Paint

with an award winning artist

Doug Levitt

If you like drawing and always wanted to paint or If you want to improve your confidence as an artist, this is the workshop for you! Doug's style of painting is called Alla Prima which, simply put, is painting wet paint into wet paint. The overriding concept taught in the workshop is how to see your subject in a deeper way to enable you to use paint successfully. You will draw' with your paint based on live subjects. Basic composition, drawing, colour mixing and brush work are the skills you will focus on. The type of teaching Doug employs is a combination of short demonstrations and hands on work by the student. Painting is Doug's passion and he experiences deep joy when he paints and teaches so the workshop tends to have a strong humour element. It's hard to be joyous and not have fun - so plan to enjoy the learning!

January 24 - 30, 2018
Impressionist Landscape Painting Soft Pastels
Douglas L. House



Has your spirit ever been elevated to new heights by listening to great music or by being witness to a wondrous landscape and wishing you could create that beauty by painting? Well you can, and some of the great American and French Impressionists and Tonalist painters did just that. In these classes we will discover the techniques they used to make their paintings the great master works that have stood the test of time.


Other Information


All breakfasts and bagged lunches are included as well as all dinners. There are local restaurants as well as 2 kitchen facilities on site for your own use if you wish. All our meals prepared from scratch with local organic ingredients.

What to bring with you

Mexican Pesos, Camera, binoculars, sun screen of your choice, sunglasses and swimsuit, ear plugs if you are a light sleeper,all your meds, supplements, a photocopy of your passport, long sleeve top and long pants.



Spacious colorful rooms with comfortable beds; most rooms have private in suite bathrooms and showers. Some are double occupancy. Please see our pricing for accommodation.

We have a van and a car to transport you to and from our painting locations. The vehicles are used for casual trips to local villages and beaches.


We have Internet at the Casa but sometimes it is unavailable in the area. There is an Internet Cafe in nearby village (5 min drive) or in near by Hotel Casa Manana (3 min walk from the house) where you can use WIFI

In the unlikely case of medical emergency, we will take you to a doctor or a hospital.
More then likely you would have to pay with your credit card for your appointment or treatment and then get reimbursed by your Insurance Company.


Please make sure you have your travel insurance in place prior taking the workshop. That should cover any medical expenses as well as luggage loss, etc.


The area where Casa Buena located is very safe and people are layed back and friendly. Most populations are Mexican, but there are a few Expats live there as well.


Los Cocos, Nayarit, Mexico between Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan
email: janerom@shaw.ca
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